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Thursday, May 12, 2011

On the move again

We are traveling again, but not by boat. We are on our “annual leave” and are back in the United States to visit family. Once a year we earn a trip back to the US and a few travel days to get there and back.

We have been very busy and making a lot of miles. We made several flights (most red-eyes) going from Kwaj to Majuro to Hawaii to LA and finally to Mazatlan. A few days there and it was a bus ride to San Carlos. After a few fixes to the truck, we started driving. Up to Arizona, then across to LA to visit Tim’s family. A quick stop with John and Bridget (Sailsoon) at their lovely house. Then Bakersfield to see our Son and family. Next was the drive up to Georgetown and SilverSprings NV to visit Cindy’s family.

As you can see we have been moving fast and have not been able to spend the time that we would like at any of our stops. In addition we are trying to do a years worth of shopping for clothes and other items that are not available on Kwaj. We are also taking advantage of having access to good restaurants. We are trying to taste all the things we have been missing (Japanese, Greek, Thai, Mexican, Chinese, etc…). It is turning out to be an expensive trip!


Sorry to anyone that we bypasses without a visit, perhaps next time.

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