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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dia de la Musica

While here in Mazatlan we are enjoying some of the cultural events that go on down here. A few weeks ago was the Dia de la Musica (Day of Music). This event took place in the historic district, there were 4 or 5 stages erected and different types of music were played at each one. The bands each played for about an hour or so, then a new group of performers took over. We went downtown and ended up running into several other cruisers (Hooligan, Sailsoon, Hopalong, 2 Pieces of Eight, Joyeaux) over the evening. While we had some dinner things were getting started, an orchestral band started playing at the other end of the plaza. Unfortunately the restaurant had it’s music blasting (as is obviously required in Mexico), so that we could only hear snatches of the classical music. After eating the orchestral band was finished so we went up the street to the next stage. This stage was for traditional Mexican music, and we arrived to hear an older gentleman with several guitarist singing folk songs. He was quite good and was obviously enjoying himself. Next up was a Flamenco group so we listened for a while, but our group wanted to check out the other stages. We walked over a block to rock music stage, the band there was playing heavy metal, poorly and loudly.  We quickly moved on to the next stage which was playing Sinaloan Banda music, a style endemic to the region.  This style of music has large bands with 10 to 20 members, with brass sections, woodwinds, along with the percussion and guitars, even tubas! A unfortunate feature of the music is that the band members never seem to be in sync, and are each playing to a different beat. Someone told me that this is done purposefully, I am not sure if I believe it or not, but it definitely occurs.  We once again moved on quickly. Back again to the flamenco stage where two young women were now dancing to the music. This was the highlight of the evening, the dancers were very good and fully done up with the dresses, hair and makeup. After they had finished, some of headed back to the plaza for a drink and a chance to sit down. Here the band on stage was playing jazz, not my favorite style of jazz but not bad. After the jazz was done they started up on what must have been show tunes, so we decided to call it a night. It was near midnight when we headed home but I don’t think the party was anywhere near over.