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Thursday, April 9, 2009

The tide is rising...

Although we are still in California the end of our landlocked days are near. We are getting close to the end of our job list (at least the ones that really,really need to be done). We hope to leaving here around the end of April and start heading towards Mexico. We will most likely be driving ourselves to Mazatlan. This way we can bring down more extra goodies and parts than we could on an airplane. We also hope to have our granddaughter visit us this summer and having our truck there may make some of the travel easier.

Back to the home improvement blog, the house is now listed as being up for rent! The house looks nice enough to show while we finish up a few more tasks. It is amazing to us how much work/time/money this has taken up, but everything looks so much better. If I get some time I will post some photos to show the dramatic changes since we started. This may take awhile as working on the website never seems a high priority after a long day working on the house.

At the beginning of the April it has been exactly 3 years since this adventure began. Strange how time passes, the time goes by so fast, but looking back it seems so long ago that we left Seattle. I realized the other day that we had been living on our boat for the last 6 years, but have not seen the sea at all in the last 6 months. Can’t wait to be back on the ocean again.