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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Yes, I know that it is already February. I thought I better put a 2011 update up on the blog.
Cindy and I did manage to get out for a sail a couple of weeks ago. We sailed up to Bigej and spent the night there. It was a good sail with plenty of wind, we had a reefs in both the main and the genoa. The anchorage was calm so we had a pleasant night. The only problem was that the batteries were not holding a proper charge. It looks like the solar charge controller is over charging the batteries and cooked off more water than I realized. Hopefully there is not too much damage. I assumed that with the boat sitting idle with no electrical drain, I did not need to check the batteries as often. I was wrong.
We did have a good time, and a couple of other boats were there so a bit of visiting occured. We also brought along some scuba tanks and had a nice dive before we headed back to Kwaj. We need to set up a better routine and get out for sails on a more regular basis. It is really nice to get away and relax on the boat.