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Friday, September 17, 2010

Island sail

Apologies for the long time between updates.

We are still alive and doing well. We were actually acting like cruisers again, at least for a weekend. We took a short little cruise up to the island of Bigej  (pronounced Beegee). It is a small island on the east side of the Kwajalein atoll. It was a short trip but it was very nice to be back out on the water. The anchorage was nice, with clear warm water and a nice sandy spot between coral heads. A bonus was that we made the trip without any further breakages! We did not get the stove working yet, so we had no coffee in the morning. However it was a small price to pay for a nice weekend. Sailing was great as there was decent but light wind, and no waves as we were in the lagoon the whole time.


For some reason my entries to the old blog were not getting updated on the website. This meant that I needed to re-create the Blog. I will be working on adding all the old entries to the new blog.


And I still need to put up some new photos.