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Monday, August 31, 2009

Jimena watch

We are in Puerto Escondido, the area’s best hurricane hole, watching the weather.

The National Hurricane Center is forecasting this to be a very strong hurricane for the north pacific. Currently it is at Cat. 4 and may reach Cat 5, but should be weakened by the time it gets as far north as we are.


The current forecasts show that it should go on the west side of the Baja while we are on the east side. We are hoping that the storm heads further west away from us and not east towards us.


We will be spending the next couple of days getting the boat stripped down and prepared for the potential high winds. The bay will protect us from storm surge, but we will still most likely get heavy wind and rain. We are in a good location and should be fine, we have plenty of time to prepare ourselves and the boat.


We will send more updates later.