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Monday, April 16, 2007

One year cruising!

April 1st was the one year anniversary of the day that we cut our dock lines, left Seattle, and started cruising.

It is amazing to us that a year has passed so quickly, but it also seems like a lifetime ago that we were doing the work/commute routine.

So looking back at some figures

Miles: 4900 (nautical miles)

Border crossings: 5 (Canada, USA-Alaska, Canada, USA-Oregon, Mexico)

Boat searches by Customs officials: 1

Furthest North: 59.0N degrees, Glacier Bay Alaska (The Arctic circle is 66.33N)

Furthest South: 22.5 N, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (just into the Tropic of Cancer)

Furthest East: 106.27W Mazatlan, Mexico (about even with Albuquerque NM)

Furthest West: 137.0W Glacier bay Alaska

Highest winds: 45kn (Alaska)

We miss our friends that we left behind, and family that we have not seen enough of. On the other hand we have made lots of new friends and become part of a community of cruisers here in Mexico. We are looking forward to spending the summer up in the Sea of Cortez, where it is going to be HOT!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Snow! and old friends

Ok, that might need some further clarification. We are still in Mazatlan, moored at the Marina.

We decided to head back to California for a short visit. We thought we could do our taxes and do some work on the rental property and also extend our Visas another 180 days. We figured a week would be enough time. We ended up staying almost 3 weeks. Our mail service screwed up sending our mail and therefore getting our taxes done. The property took up much time catching up on years worth of yard work, hauling, burning and tree trimming. We got a huge amount of work done, but there is more waiting for us the next time we return. While working in the yard it began to snow one afternoon. There was not any real accumulation and it melted by the next day, but it was quite a change for us. Our property is in Georgetown (Population 962), which is between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe, about 10 miles from Sutter’s Mill (for those who know CA history).

Back in Mazatlan things are busy. We have met up with several boats that we know and haven’t seen in a while. Some we haven’t seen for months some not for 2 years! It has been fun catching up with everyone. It is also Semana Santa (Holy Week) which is a big Mexican holiday when everyone comes to the beach. On top of that we are getting a bunch of spring break visitors as well. It is really crowded downtown and along the beaches. It is more crowded now than it was at carnival.

We plan on leaving Mazatlan soon, we are not decided if we want to head north or south. I would like to see Isla Isabella (south) and Cindy wants to head north into the Sea of Cortez. I guess we will see which way the wind is blowing when the time comes and that is the direction we will go…