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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Delta Sucks!

Time for a short rant.

We purchased tickets online for round trip flights from Mazatlan Mexico to Sacramento CA. from Delta airlines. About a week before our first flight they contacted us by phone asking us to call about an issue with our return flight. When we called them they told us that they were dropping service to Mazatlan mid August. We had the option of flying into either Puerto Vallarta, or Guadalajara. PV the closer of the 2 cities is around 200 miles away from Mazatlan and in another state (This would be like buying a ticket to San Francisco and getting flown to Reno or Los Angeles). We were told that there was not a seat available on any partner airline, and no way for them to get us to Mazatlan. We tried to be flexible even offering to come back 3 or 4 weeks early. Again we were told there was not a single flight available to us for the entire month on any of their partner airlines. Obviously not every seat on every airline was already booked, they were refusing to do anything that might cost them an extra dollar. Talking to the supervisor also had no effect. Delta was completely unwilling to stand behind our agreement and do the right thing. We eventually asked for a refund for our tickets, and booked elsewhere. This caused us many hours of searching for new flights and delayed or flight home by about 2 weeks.

I understand the need to reduce costs and cut back on service when needed. What I have a issue with is the attitude towards customer satisfaction. They had no problem leaving us stranded hundreds of miles from our destination, or making changes to the agreement without remuneration. If we make a change to the flight they charge heavy penalties, but they expect to renege on an agreement with no penalty at all.

Needless to Delta will not be getting our business again.