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Friday, July 16, 2010

Settling in...

A few changes for us here on Kwaj. Cindy is now working as an Emergency / Fire Dispatcher for the Fire Department. This is great as it means that she is no longer on a visitor badge, and does not need to leave after 90 days. You need to have an employee badge to go shopping at the island stores, so now Cindy can go shopping without me.

Another good thing is that we now get two rooms. We managed to get assigned a “married suite”, which is two rooms with a door joining them. This gives us much more living area, one room as a bedroom and one as a living room/kitchen area. Having two rooms means that we can have two cats. Blue gets to come home with us after having been living with our friends the Golly’s since we arrived. The suite rooms also get a full size fridge instead of a dorm fridge which is very nice.

We lost our great view as our new rooms are in the other wing of the building. We can still see the water, but not the ocean view we used to have. Since we should be in this room a while we are working to make it homier. We knew that we were going to move out of our first room so we never decorated or worried too much about the furniture. The couple across the hall from our old room are leaving the island, so we picked up quite a few things from them. Less stuff for them to ship home and new goodies for us.

Masquerade is still tired from the trip. I first had a problem with the exhaust system. I was lucky to be able to find a new exhaust elbow on island, and was able to scrounge up the other parts that I needed. Unfortunately on the way out to the mooring the engine stalled and would not re-start. Rather than trying to sail to the mooring we called the marina to help tow Masquerade to it’s home. I have not figured out the issue yet, but I think it is a problem related to wear and tear from the trip out here.

Last week there was a mission going on late one night. A missile was launched from California and we were able to watch the re-entry vehicle come down. It was pretty interesting to see what looked like a large shooting star come down and land near the island. It was funny to think that the missile took around half an hour to make the trip that took us 44 days!